Cards Against Humanity


On Black Friday, Cards Against Humanity (CAH) announced they were leaving the game business and entering the potato chip business with a new brand: Prongles. CAH engaged us to design the look and feel of their new brand of potato chips, starting with the development of a logo to help Prongles fit into the category.


To be positioned as a serious contender in the world of salty snacks, we needed a differentiating yet appropriate mascot. Our research revealed hogs as some of the only animals that eat potatoes in the wild, so we set to work creating the perfect hog mascot. Introducing Brayden, the Prongles Hog! Brayden loves extreme sports and lives life at one speed: WHOLE HOG. Both his active lifestyle and his signature drool are fueled by Prongles.


Brayden represents each flavor of Prongles’ chips by partaking in a different athletic activity. And if you look closely, you may spot a nod to Prongles’ origin as CAH in each one.

After we designed the logo and conceived the mascot, we combined those and other elements into the full line of Prongles packaging.

We also designed a point-of-purchase display to help Prongles POP in the brand-crowded Target ecosystem.

Scheduled to launch on Black Friday, an overzealous stock hand at Target didn’t read the “Don’t stock until November 24” notice and put them directly on shelves following delivery. This lead to an image that went viral and the biggest internet mystery of November 22, 2017.

A couple days later, the mystery was revealed as visitors to were redirected to the website we designed for Prongles.

The website autoplays the song “Once You Pop” that we produced for the brand. Crank your volume up to 11, hit play, and enjoy this video.

Beyond the website, where the chips sold out in just a few hours, Black Friday saw shoppers take to Target stores in droves, with Prongles selling out at nearly every one and customers proudly sharing their scores on social.

Before Black Friday weekend came to a close, Prongles had been written about by publications worldwide, “Once You Pop” had been streamed over a half-million times (enough to make the Billboard Hot 100), Chrissy Teigen tweeted about it, a new fan from Toledo got Brayden the Hog tattooed permanently on his forearm, and a Jonas Brother tweeted 41 blissful characters: