Vehicle Launches

How do you get people behind the wheel of a vehicle that doesn’t yet exist? That was the question Buick brought to us when they were in need of a distinctive visual language for their upcoming vehicle launches. We built an immersive, artistic universe around the pre-production CG data that felt as futuristic as Buick’s next generation of vehicles.

This was the beginning of the next generation of vehicle design for Buick, and as such, we set out to create a look that felt like a tech startup. We put a premium on design, style and simplicity. With vehicles that felt real surrounded by minimalist landscapes that feel sculptural while also adding a layer of the distinct lifestyle that inspired each vehicle.


To show off Buick’s next-gen tech and safety features, we created a graphic overlay treatment that activated their signature orange and helped deliver a virtual test drive to Buick’s fans.

All the visuals were strategically designed to be portable assets that could be re-purposed on model overview pages OLA, CRM and social after the initial microsite launch.

This treatment has fueled Buick’s most successful vehicle launches to date, with 77% of visitors engaging with content (a 50% improvement over previous launches) and 1 in 3 people exploring the entire microsite experience.