Brand Identity

When Digitas and LBi merged, we created a new brand identity based on the idea that when you combine the agency’s core capabilities of Data, Strategy, Creative, Technology and Media, they deliver magical results that transform brands.

We introduced a rainbow color palette, which allows DigitasLBi to stand out when needed and fit in when appropriate — by adopting their client’s colors.


For every city where DigitasLBi has an office, we created a unique city unicorn, showing how the agency has unicorns on the ground in every market, helping brands speak the vernacular of every culture they need to reach.

We also created unicorns for every capability in the office, out of the tools of each trade. They act as bat signals in office spaces and for recruiting.


And we updated the agency’s typography with a range of treatments to feel warm, personal and considered.

The unicorn has been embraced by critics, clients, and most importantly, by the 6,000+ people who work in DigitasLBi’s global offices.