Dunkin Donuts

#WTFast Campaign Look & Feel

To promote their new ordering app, DigitasLBi and Dunkin’ Donuts challenged physics, creating the “World’s Fastest Dunkin’ Run” with wingsuit BASE jumper Ellen Brennan. We were called to design a look and feel for the campaign that would reinforce just how fast the app is.

The first (and coolest) step was to design the branded skydiving equipment for the TV spot. Every detail needed to be legible, feel branded in every shot, and pop against the environment at 200mph.

Next we needed to figure out a way to make the existing DDPERKS visual language look “faster” for static, print applications like in-store POP displays. After lots of exploration, we ended up specifying an expanded color palette, plus product art that was tilted with “speed lines”, as if your DD orders were flying out of the store to meet you on the go.