Lost Boys

Brand Identity

Lost Boys, an upstart social media agency, exists to start conversations, and we wanted their branding to do the same. We developed an identity that doesn’t just portray the idea of communication, but actually communicates.

Inspired by the Hobo Code of the 1930’s, which was used among travelling vagabonds to secretly transmit messages, we built the Lost Boys code to be a lexicon of symbols for internal and external company communications.

The Lost Boys code is used on business cards, briefs, client presentations, signage, and email signatures.

The original hobo code was ever-evolving, so we armed the agency with guidelines to create new codes as their staff changes and their services transform.

The Lost Boys code has been enthusiastically taken up by clients and staff alike. It is a rite of passage to receive your personal symbol when you join the agency, and clients search for the codes in emails and presentations, excitedly analyzing new symbols, seeking to uncover their hidden meanings. The code has truly become a language, spoken by Lost Boys and those they share it with.

Scenes from the Lost Boys’ launch party.