Brand Launch

When Publicis Groupe acquired Sapient and formed the Publicis.Sapient (P.S) platform, it brought forward a new model within Publicis Groupe: a results-driven solution that leveraged a seamless integration of talent from the four P.S agencies. Our challenge was to create an identity that delivered on that spirit of collaboration.

The primary mark shows multiple elements connecting and overlapping to form a new compound that resembles a diamond or an open box. Colors also overlap to create unique hues that can only be achieved through teamwork.

We created a modular identity system, built on the idea of alchemy – the magical process of transformation, creation and combination. P.S is both a collection and a connection of elements: while every day their individual agencies are hydrogen, some days they get to be a part of creating water.


Primary and secondary logos.

Colors are inspired by periodic charts and Edward Tufte’s principles of design, but with a wink to the digital age, using RGB as our base.

We created a library of icons that illustrate each unique element available through the P.S collective. Elements can be configured to illustrate anything from which specific agencies are working together, to tailored compounds of capabilities, personality, and culture.

We animated select icons for use in digital and time-based properties.

For the brand launch, we produced a living style guide.

We also designed digital/email templates, an exhibit at the Adobe Summits in North America and EMEA, presentation templates, business cards, stationery, T-shirts, water bottles, photography, promotional books, and enamel pins.


And to kick everything off, the P.S logo was immortalized on the historic Green Monster at Boston’s Fenway park.